FAA Aircraft N-Registration

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FAA Aircraft N-Registration
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N-Registration for Experimental.
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FAA Aircraft N-Registration in the USA

Re-registration, or change from your current Register to the FAA-Register.

To change the ownership or trust of an already N-registered aircraft is done in a few days.
The transfer from your current register to the N-Register will need some additional steps.
We are happy to help you also with the technical side in the settlement.

We offer an individual "Trust", so that you can fly a US-registerd aircraft legally. All "Trust Agreements" are examined by the FAA. You will get the whole documentation easy and quick. We protect your asset before and after the purchase, and this for only a couple of hundred dollars per year.


Steps to follow from Foreign Registration to U.S. Aircraft Registration

To avoid complications and finish the process quickly one has to follow certain steps .

There are two basic points:
The First is:
- Creation of the Trust
- De-registration from the current register
- Preparing the required documents
- Applying for the N-Number
- Registration
- ...........

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N-Registration Advantages

75% of the world's aircraft are N-registered. Thousands of private aircraft only in Europe. This has more than one cause:

With reference to the airplane:

-The American FAA requirements are less bureaucratic and are mostly........

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faa aircraft ownership

- FAA Aircraft Registration
- Aircraft Escrow Service (Service offered by our partner company)
-Aircraft Title Search.
-Handling of all export and import papers, including N-registration.
- Aircraft Re-Registration.......

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N-Registration - FAA Registered aircraft to fly worldwide

U.S. Trustee for Aircraft

About us:

As we wanted to N-register our aircraft, we explored the market for affordable options.
We found a few companies with questionable reputation and other three companies that offered a professional service but with very high prices. For us a big amount of money .
$ 3000 more or less makes for a Citation owner hardly no difference. But for a $ 50,000 aircraft this is not the case.
Through my good contacts in the US and a lawyer specialized in aviation law, I then decided to offer our own service that we used for our aircraft and that of our friends.
Now I was in the position to offer the same service or even better to a much lower price. Meanwhile we have more than 150 customers which are very satisfied with our N-Registration service.
We are known to most of the pilots, due to the many articles that appeared in aviation magazines.

Look at our other website Flight-around-the-world.org

About US

US Aircraft Registration of any kind of aircraft for NON-US citizens

Fly your aircraft with US-Registration worldwide.


If you want to fly without any problems, the N-Registration is your solution. We do all the necessary paperwork. If you bought an airplane in USA and want to ship it to Europe, we can help you.

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