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After having finished the fuselange and the wings, and having painted the whole airplane, we decided to finish the rest in Florida, that means to install the avionic and the engine.

So we shipped the RV7 in a container Finally birdy came safe back to us. and got it save after one month.

We got lots of help from other RV´ators that are here at the hangars and from Wayne, the security manager.

We arrived september 2007, and started to install one instrument after the other.

After a 4 months interruption, we started again in may 2008.

As soon as we arrived, we got to know Jerry and Gary, which helped us out in lots of difficulties, and became good friends after all these months, together with Jim who was always there to help us and who gives us always good advice and shares his professional knowledge with us.

We have a hurricane safe hangar.

This is our glass cockpit.Everything ones need.

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