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If we did not have such a brave plane, the landing in Cavu would not have been possible. The landing strip was 350m, a bit too short, but we made it. On the other side to get out with full tanks is not the same, for this reason we refueled in Sao Luis. I will come back to Sao Luis shortly, it is another story.

As we started the weather did not look great, but also did not look that bad, but while continuing our flight is gets awful.

Sometimes one has to get sick to be able to sleep in Hotel, but I did not make it on purpose. From one our to the other I lost my voice and I got fever. I got a heavy cold, and this in the heat of the jungle... In any case, two days hotel with hot shower was something great, just for a chage. Just for two days, the third day we slept at the airfield in the AIS room, and cold shower... but I cannot get sick again!

I did not look quiet glamarous for TV, so Detlef did most of the talking. Two hours later we were in the air heading for Sao Luis to refuel.

NEVER NEVER STOP in an international airport. The in Macapa were U$50, here in Sao Luis U$100!!!! And again two hours for doing the paperwork.

Again in the air heading for Catuleve. Don´t try to find it in Jeppessen Data Base. Most of the little airports are not to be found.

What a reception! An RV9 was in the air welcoming us and showing us the way to the airfield.

On the ground we were surrounded by a lot of RV´s . Here we are again with great people, having the opportunity to be here for the whole week in the middle of Fortaleza . The jungle has changed its look.

It is Cristinos flat, and we are most thankful. Also thankful to Andre Nunes who offered us his place, but we cannot stay in two places at the same time. We are happy that Andre speaks english, since I guess I lost my voice from so much tranlating everything to Detlef and just making all the talking and in portugese, which I hardly speak.

We must thank again Geraldo, Ricardo and Serra for helping us with the trip to Catuleve.

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