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We want to thank all our sponsors which helped us through our journey of South America.

We have three new sponsors which are :

ZAON - JHAUDIO and XeVision

We are more than happy with ALL our equipment, with the support we have received from our sponsors, and with the quality of their products.

14 month after we started in Punta Gorda , we were very happy to be back in the USA.
At Mai-28-2010 we landed after a about 1000miles flight, only over water, in Key West. We did the custom and immigration and flew straight to our American "Homebase" Punta Gorda, where Gary and Roy already awaited us with a ice cold beer.
Thanks to Roy, that we could stay two weeks in your house.

While staying in Punta Gorda, Larry and Cheryl McClure helped us making our airplane cover. They did such a fine job and we are so happy with the cover!! Thanks for the great job and for your wonderful help. Thank you Gary for running around with us . We really are lucky to have you!!

After being three weeks in Florida making some maintenance on the airplane, we started our "Round the States" flight. Our first stop was by JHAudio, where we picked up our headsets that will accompay us on the rest of our journey. JHA, JHAudio headsets, earphones .. The crew of JH Audio which build the best earphones we have ever had.

Our first stop was not far away, Pine Shadows, Florida, where we met Amy and Barry.We just stayed one day to continue to: Dinner with Barry, Amy and some friends.

Jasper, in Georgia. What can we tell you, some new friends and very happy to have known them: Marty & Leyla Esther, with their lovely dog Jake. For the first time in our lives we went to a shooting range. And every beginner has his good day, and some strokes just got to the center. Marty is having fun with the parrot.

South Carolina: some days with our sponsor ( not only sponsor now ) AIRFLOW PERFORMANCE. Again : great days, some fun flying with the P3. Flying in the vicinity of Spartanburg with the Pilatus P3.

Ron & Kathy Schreck in Gold Hill, North Carolina invited us to a Harley Davidson ride, an aerobatic ride on their RV8, we went to see the Hendrick Motorsport Museum. We also visited the secret NASCAR shop, where they prepare the race cars for the next race. So, we saw a lot more than others did.

A funny thing: in one occasion Detlef was given some dog treats to give to the house dogs, he instead ate them. He put a funny face, and said, these peanuts are kind of old. Oh no, exclaimed the other guy, those were for the dog, not for you!! A couple days later, we found a small bag in the airplane with some of these treats with a note: "Detlef suvival kit!!"

Tenessee with Max and Dianne Hegler was the next stop . We spend the 4th of July with them and other friends. Got to ride an old Ford Truck 1937 V8 flat head. What an experience riding in the wild country side with that truck. It was just like in the old movies.
And Tenessee without Nashville? Of course we went to Nashville , some music, some beers...

Washington D.C., Virginia was the next big visit. Bill and Sue Harrelson hosted us here. The biggest event was the Air and Space Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Botanical Garden and after we had worn out our shoes we went to McDonalds ( this is not a museum..!!!), and guess what: we were dead tired after all these visits.

Lee Bottom Airfield ,Indiana. Here we stopped, since they had a nice Fly-In with more than hundred planes. We had also to do some work and made some selections of our pictures to show at Oshkosh. Detlef got even the honor to drive the tractor to mow the lawn.
What a quiet little place. If you ever happen to be in Indiana, just stop by and get to know two lovely guys : Rich and Ginger Davidson.

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