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Yellowstone Park

another MUST to see in the USA. Located partly in Montana and Wyoming between 6000 and 8000ft. We saw a lot of Bisons and Elks, hot springs and geysiers. Many thanks to Danny Hughes who showed us two days all the secrets of this huge park. We have a lot of great pictures on our DVD.

A nice area around Hood River, Oregon where we visited Ken & Carol Murphy
The Mt. Hood in the background

In Portland we had a great time with Tom und Lynne Magginis .Thereafter we were hosted by familiy Hickmann in Diez Airfield. We visited also VANS aircraft in Aurora and our baby slept one night in the nursery. Rob Hickmann, president of ADVANCED FLIGHT SYSTEM updated our whole EFIS system and the AUTOPILOT. We are now better equipped since most Citations. This is really the best EFIS on the market and the support is outstanding. With his sons, Brian and Jeffey, we visited the SPRUCE GOOSE in McMinneville. Larry Aberg owner of a CozyIV fabricated us a new air inlet out of fiber glas. He did a very nice job. Thanks Larry.
The SPRUCE GOOSE made only out of wood, with a wing span larger than an Airbus 380-800

Larry fits the snorkel in Toms hangar.

Nehalem , located direct on the Pacific coast. We made it. We crossed the USA from the Atlantic to the Pacific. From the far southeast to the far northwest. We landed on this lonely airport, pitched up our tent and relaxed a couple of days. But the Pacific here is freezing cold, too cold for a plunge.Nehalem Bay, oregon,

Creswell was our landing spot due bad weather and we were very lucky to met Larry and Margie Davis. Larry has a RV-6 and is an A&P. Waiting for better weather Larry and I did the 100h inspection.

Boonville...On the east side of the runway about halfway down you will find a secondary grass tiedown area, a public payphone, an information board with a map of the area, and a control tower (well, an outhouse). Apparently the outhouse has quite a pedigree. In the early 1980s, Amelia Reid was in the area for an airshow, landed at Boonville, and couldn't find a restroom. She knocked on every door on the neighboring road until someone finally let her in. The airport community decided this was a good excuse to put up a public outhouse. The event caused Boonville Airport to adopt the motto "Boonville - The place to go!".Booneville, California.Jeanny und Jim Nickless invited us to their house. It's funny, the runway is on one side of the road and the houses with the hangars on the other. Watch out for cars ! ! ! We had a great dinner with all the guys from the airport and visited a small brewery.

boonville, california, a place to go, airport boonville The "place to go"

If you hear Reno, Nevada, you think about the world most spectacular air races. But we were to weeks to early as we visited Chuck Harder. He showed us the mountains around, the wonderfull "Lake Tahoe" and a lot other nice spots. The first Casino that we saw from the inside was the "Peppermill". For us incredibly big and glittering. But the highlight was the "Rib-Cock-Off". The whole town was smellling to fresh grilled rips and every cook has it's own secret recipe for the sauce.
Lake Tahoe Chuck Harder and Sheril in front of the fare

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