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California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico

In Santa Paula near LA is the factory of the WORLD BEST IGNITION SYSTEM called LSE, Light Speed Engineering. Klaus Savier updated our System to the latest version. Without his ignition, we would never be able to fly so economic. Together with the tuned AIRFLOW PERFORMANCE injection system we cruise in 6000ft with 170miles and burn only 6.5 GPH AUTOGAS, 91 Octane.
But Klaus is not only a very good engineer; he is also a fabulous cook. We stayed with him and Jenny, a couple of days and drove one day to Los Angeles.
Dr. Jurg Sommerauer with his company XeVISION is also located in KSZP. His 50W XV-36-SL
HID LANDING LIGHT is much brighter as all his competitors' lights. We were very happy, that we got this XeVISION sponsored. Although we not intend to fly at night, it is very important to get also seen during day time. With the XePulse II pulsing system feature, we have now a big safety advantage.
Jenny and Klaus supervise, how John Lynch und Stephen Wolpin helped me to make some modifications since John has a fully equipped mechanic shop.
A stroll through Hollywood

Las Vegas, Nevada. That must be boring, only casinos in the middle of the dessert?
But we must go, Kathleen and Robert Jones invited us. And they had a large program for us:
Woow, we never expected the flair of the STRIP, the architecture of some casinos, the view from the highest platform of the STATOSPHERE TOWER incredible color full mountains and last, but not least an invitation from DAVID COPPERFIELD to his show in the MIRAGE. Robert and Kathleen are friends of him.
The flight to, and in the GRAN CANYON, BRYCE CANYON and MONUMENT VALLEY, this was also a magic experience. Flying in between the canyons, making low passes above the lakes, surrounding the Monuments, this was just breathtaking. Sometimes our imagination stays behind the reality.
On our DVD we have a couple of videos in HD quality and a lot of pictures in high resolution.
A picture after the show with Greg, Kathleen, Liliana, David, Detlef and Robert

On the flight to DENVER, Colorado, we flew the last time over the Canyons of Nevada, Utah and Arizona. In the light of the rising sun the rocks glow red in all shades. No place for a safe emergency landing. What is more dangerous, flying here or over the water?
To cross the ROCKY MOUNTAINS our plane is slowly climbing to 15,000ft and the last hour was very turbulent. Carol and Kelly Patterson awaited us in Denver. They have also a RV-7.
With Carol we visited the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK. We had a picnic at 12,000ft and it was chilly cold. But the view was amazing.
In the Rocky Mountain Park we looked for him and finally we saw him on a golf course.

COLORADO SPRINGS is the home town of Kermit & Maria Shield, the father of Kermit Shield living in Detlefs home town Herborn. He has a C421and lives above Colorado Springs with a wonderful view. In their back yard we saw our first BEAR and a lot of DEERS. He showed us the old "Western Town" FRONTIER CITY, a backstage for a couple of western movies. The world highest suspension bridge, but the ROYAL GORCHE BRIDGE was too high for us, sorry since I'm not free from giddiness.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico we had time to install our new XeVISION system.. We could use the hangar of Don & Pathira Best to do a couple of maintenance and they hosted us for one week. We had a great time together. A sunset picnic in 10,300ft on the MOUNT SANDIA with a shooting star and a great view over the city was the highlight. A special market in SANTA FE and a visit of the ACOMA INDIAN RESERVATION were also a ride worth.

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