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The land of smile, the land of friendly people , a land of helpful people, in other words a wonderful land . Here we are in the Dominican Republic. After landing in El Catey, we have been received by Cheo Zorrilla, subdirector of civil aviation and by Franklin Polanco Junior, who is the reposible for us coming here and owner of the website:

After that we left for El Portillo, a green airport, and just what we wanted, a place we we can put up our tent. What can you wish, an airport 5 minutes walk from the beach!

Back to Santo Domingo we have met the Directors of the Dominican FAA, (IDAC), which will help us to register our airplane in the Dominican Republic. With Waldo, an Rvator, (he will build an RV9), we visited the old city of Santo Domingo.

The flea market was an amazing place where one can get everything, and where we lost our airplane´s remote control. Well, now we have something to do... think how to fix the proble. Like Waldo says: there are two types of problems, the ones you can solve, and the ones that you cannot solve. For both we do not have to worry. After talking to the pillow, we decided to order the piece and send it to Belize, our next stop. In the meantime a switch closes our canopy. After some days we were invited by the city of Constanza to visit their town.

We have been received by the first mayor of the town and have are now honorific guests of Constanza. Thank you very much for this warm welcoming and we promise to be there next year. A lovely town in the mountain with a great climate. Finally the day came were we have to depart. Rep-air was of great help to us. We installed a new antenna and we could have our airplane in the hangar. Our departing day was great: there came 8 TV channels, the press, the most important personalities of Civil Aviation and the Dominican Airports.

We were honored to sign in the book of the airport. It was the most special good bye. Thanks everybody. Our mission is to let people know about the Dominican Republic, and for the moment we have the Dominican Flag on our tail, and hope to fly next year with the Dominican registration. We did not forget the most important thing. Here we have made new friends. Roberto Ferri,Enrique Tovar, and Franklin Polanco father. This is one of the most great things of our flight around the world.


Le damos las gracias ante todo al Sr. Andres Van Der Horst, director ejecutivo del Departamento Aeropuertario, al Sr. Jose Tomás Pérez, Secretario del Estado, Director General del IDAC, al Sr. Ing. Luis Rodriguez Ariza, Presidente de la Junta de Aviacion Civil, a Cheo Zorrila, subdirector a Aeronautica del IDAC, al Sr Ivan Vazquez, director de normas de vuelo, a Mikel Trim, piloto de American Airlines, y a AERODOM por la inestimable ayuda ofrecida. We give special thanks to Mr. Andrés Van Der Horst, executive director of all dominican airports, to Mr. José Tomás Peréz, secretary of the state, director general of IDAC, to Ing.Luis rodriguez Ariza, President of Civil Aviation, Cheo Zorrilla, subdirector of Civil Aviation, Mr. Ivan Vazquez, director of flight norms, to Mike Trim, American Airline Pilot, and to AERODOM, for all the help offered.


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